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Addressing Bullying - webinar

To watch a recording of Dr. Wendy Craig's webinar and to download a copy of the slides used, please visit: Addressing Bullying: What Works! with Dr. Wendy M. Craig. Sponsored by "The Learning Bar."

Summary: Dr. Wendy Craig was the guest presenter for the first in a series of webinars directed toward the topic of bullying.

In this webinar Dr. Wendy M. Craig, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queen's University, provides an understanding of bullying and how it changes with age; strategies for identifying students at risk for being involved in bullying; identifies the critical components for bullying prevention programs and specific strategies for addressing bullying at school. By understanding bullying and how to address it with scientifically proven strategies, educators and adults working with children can be more effective in intervening and preventing the problem.

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