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"Weekly Reader" Magazines for Teens - via EBSCO

Magazines from "Weekly Reader" aimed at Middle and High School students. These are all viewable for free via EBSCO. (School ID and password needed for home access: see your TL for details.)

"Current Events"
Presents articles on current events covering politics, the environment, international relations & more. Written exclusively for students in grades 6-10.

"Read" (poetry, short stories, analysis, etc)
Literacy & Literacy Education; Literature & Writing (General); Secondary Education; Teen Interest. Organized into 2 sections: Literature and writing. "Read" explores literary elements, offers grammar and writing tips and features author interviews. (List of themes covered in 2010-11.)

"Current Science"
Teen Interest; Science (General) Presents articles covering all topics related to science for children at the middle-school level. (Gr 7-9)

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