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FictFact - Track series fiction

This site will help you track series fiction. You can browse by author, series name, or do a title search to see what series the novel belongs to, and what number it is in the series. Choosing a title takes you to a details page, with links to all the major online vendors as well as a GoogleBooks preview if available. If you sign up, you can get alerts, newsletters and more.

"You read books in series. You want to keep track of what to read next. You want recommendations on what to read next. You want to know when new books are coming out.

That's why you need FictFact!

FictFact is a tracking site focused on book series. Let us know what books/series you've read and we'll let you know what you need to read next and what's coming out soon. Registration is free, so let us know how you like it, and what series, books & authors we might be missing."
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