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'C'est l'Halloween': the story behind the greatest French Halloween song ever

"J'ai peur de cette citrouille."
Find out about the song writer Matt Maxwell, get a link to a Youtube version with words, and bonus, an audio link to the 2012 version (a bit more polished & top 10 sounding, complete with backup singers.)

"Every October for the past three decades, thousands of French students across Canada have sung the same spooky song: "C'est l'Halloween," a perfect tune for kids learning the language. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a list of spooky Halloween imagery — a witch, a ghost, a gloomy night — but it never crosses over into actual terror. On top of that, the simple two-word chorus is "C'est l'Halloween," which just means "It's Halloween." Plus, it offers kids an opportunity to yell "HEY!" at the top of their lungs."