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"It's in the Cards" and Other Movement Activities

Playing Cards get kids moving£It%27s-in-the-Cards£-and-Other-Movement-Activities.aspx

"It's in the Cards," has really got my elementary students excited about math. To lead this exercise, I would get a deck of cards and post a code on the board; it may say, hearts = jumping jacks, diamonds = knee lifts, spades = straight jumps, and clubs = twists. Then, a student would draw a card from the deck, and the rest is "in the cards." The number on the card indicates the number the class counts by while doing the movement. For example, if a student would pick the three of hearts, the class would count by threes while doing jumping jacks for a total of 10 jumps (or until the count of 30 in this case). Then we would draw another card and repeat the process.