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Basketball Fundamentals on Learn360

Basketball Fundamentals

Grade(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Run Time: [44:42]
Marty Schupak's, Basketball Fundamentals, provides basketball techniques that are the foundation for success for all players. Coaches, parents, and players will learn how to teach and practice all of the basketball fundamentals and skills shown in this program. Whether playing on a driveway, a playground, or for a school team, this video will help players learn or polish their basic basketball fundamentals, leading to individual and team success on the court. The video highlights: Ball handling basics , V Cut, Advanced dribbling techniques, L Cut,, Ball handling games, Passing fundamentals & drills, Individual practice routines, Slow motion analysis, Offensive plays & moves, Pick and roll, Dual purpose drills, Boxing out & rebounding, Communication techniques, Defense techniques and more!
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