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"Content that might be of interest to Teacher-Librarians..."


Some ESL links to explore - better for High School

Looking for some text/audio pairings to help students develop an ear for English? Here are some links to explore.
Voice of America (Current events: text with audio)

MaryGlasgow Plus (articles at different levels - some with audio)

A site for ESL learners - activities, texts, audio etc.

(Short text with link to "audioboo spoken file" at the end of each article)

3 levels of text from a variety of current events
(audio of the easier texts in video format)

See also: eResources from the district. These can be found under the Visual Tab in Destiny - use School ID and password for home access:

EBSCO magazines

TumbleReadables (Chose "Teen" for older read-along titles and themes)
(Access link via the Visual Tab in your school library)

Orca Digital (text but no audio)