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Get to Effective Weeding.

"Raise you hand if you can't face weeding."
Diane J. Young's humourous but useful take on that bane of librarians everywhere: weeding! (EBSCO ID and password needed for home access)

"You are not alone. All over the country, books are stacked three high on window sills, Fodor's Yugoslavia 1987 languishes on the shelf, and HVAC systems send out BTUs to heat and cool the broken spines of Harry Potter. This can change. ... I've discovered that, whether our expertise is paleontology or board books, most of what holds us back from weeding is psychological. I'm reminded of that first step in most recovery programs: "We admitted we were powerless over [blank]--that our lives had become unmanageable." So, here's a program for people whose collections have become unmanageable--and it's only eight steps."