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Promoting your collection

Some ideas to create buzz!

Naomi Bates (TL in TX) offered great ideas on LM-Net to promote books in your collection. I've paraphrased some of her suggestions below. (I've also posted a link to her blog at the end of this post.)

  • Get out your dystopia....put it out, keep it out, display it.  HOT genre right now!
  • Pull some short sports reads for the boys who are reluctant borrowers. (Try pairing non-fiction & fiction books.)
  • Set up a data projector, AppleTV or whiteboard and project book trailers while kids are browsing.
  • Display books you've read. (And booktalk them!)
  • Look for "best friends".  Find a title that has TWO copies and shelf talk it. The friends may want to read the title together
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