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Ideas for Using iPads for Digital Storytelling

Access a host of tools for digital creation

"If you own an iPad, you have access to a host of apps and tools for creating digital stories. Use them for creative expression, communicating information, entertaining, expressing comprehension, tutoring purposes, and much more. Here are just a few ideas:

•  a narrated slide-show story to demonstrate the understanding of new vocabulary.
•  a screencast (a recording of interactions on a computer or iPad display) to explain a complex scientific concept.
•  an audio or video interview of grandparents for a family history project.
•  a historical narrative using images and audio.
•  a first-person audio journal of a historical person.
•  explain a mathematical concept with a screencast.
•  audio podcast to practice reading and speaking in a foreign language.
•  a portfolio of work with personal narrative.
•  a character story or a personal journal with a musical soundtrack.