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Results of UK All-Party Parliamentary Reading Commission

Boys' underachievement in reading is a significant concern for UK

Exerpt from recommendations:

"All schools should have a library at their heart. The school librarian has an important role to play in enthusing teachers with a knowledge of reading materials. However, primary school libraries are infrequently staffed and school library services are closing. Even in secondary schools a minority of school libraries have a qualified librarian... The aim is to create a national network of school librarians, schools library services and public librarians coordinated through the proposed Cultural Learning Hubs."

Nine Recommendations to Government
  • 1. Schools should have access to an evidence framework to inform effective practice in supporting boys' reading.
  • 2. Every child should be supported by their school in developing as a reader.
  • 3. Every teacher should have an up-to-date knowledge of reading materials that will appeal to disengaged boys.
  • 4. Parents need to able to access information on how successful schools are in supporting boys' literacy.
  • 5. Libraries should target children (particularly boys) who are least likely to be supported in their reading at home.
  • 6. Social marketing and behavioural insight need to be deployed to encourage parents to support the literacy of their children – especially boys.
  • 7. Every boy should have weekly support from a male reading role model.
  • 8. Parenting initiatives must specifically support literacy and fathers.
  • 9. A cross-government approach to literacy needs to be developed and coordinated.