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Love Your Library Month

I "Heart" my library, I "Heart" Reading

February is just around the corner, and is a perfect time to think about some kind of a "love library" or "love reading" campaign in your school library. This kind of activity can be fun, and it can generate a little more interest and circulation!

Here are just a few ideas:

  • 1) Display books with red covers, or the word "love" in the title, or arrange books in the shape of a heart. (Extra: Use hearts or "sweetheart" candies in the design)
  • 2) Offer a cinnamon heart with each book checked out on the 14th.
  • 3) Students fill in a "book I loved to read" slip and get entered in a contest to win an iTunes or Chapters card.
  • 4) Every week in February, run a "battle of the books" where 4 beloved titles are voted on by the students as the "best loved book of the week". Set up a display with the 4 titles, and a blurb about each. You could even create a short video clip that could be looped on a computer screen.
  • 5) Have students complete the phrase "What I love most about my library is..." and put the decorated slips up on a display outside the library.
  • 6) Invite parents to come in and do some read-alouds during Valentine's week.
  • 7) Print or have students create "I love Reading" bookmarks. If it's a contest, the winning few designs could be mass produced for the school. [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]

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