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"Awful Library Books"

Weeding in the Public Library...

Using a somewhat "tongue in cheek" approach, and their motto "Hoarding is not Collection Development", public librarians Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner offer up books that are currently residing in library collections, and give their take on why they should be weeded. They also provide some resources and perspective on the whole issue. (The winners of the "Worst of 2012" based on submitted titles.) Some humourous titles.

"Weeding is an essential component of library collection management.  Most libraries simply do not have unlimited space, and we must continually make room for new materials.  Weeding is necessary to remain relevant to our users and true to our missions.  Remember – unless your library exists to archive and preserve materials for the ages, we are not in the business of collecting physical things.  We collect information and provide access to information.  We love books as much as anyone else, and sometimes hard decisions have to be made. How many times have you said, "But I just bought that!" and then realized it was ten years ago?