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Get them Reading: 6 Tips for Engaging Reluctant Readers

Enticing students to read.

If providing reading time for students is essential to helping them be better readers, how do we handle those kids who "fake read" and don't engage in reading?  Susan Antonelli's blog post takes Dr. Pat Cunningham's response to this question and expands on it giving her strategies for "leading kids to water."

Here is Dr. Cunningham's initial response to that question:

"Well, they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink, and I guess that's true. But, you can do a lot of things to entice him to drink! You can show him how to drink day after day. You can lead him to the same watering hole at the same time every day and surround him with other horses who are drinking. You can offer lots of different flavors of water and  tell him how great the water tastes. You can invite other horses to share testimonials about how wonderful their drinking experience has been and give him small samples that might make him thirsty. You can even present him with his very own custom bottle of water- flavored with his favorite things."