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Virtual Summer Camp: The Newest Tools on the Web

Learning Tools for the 21st Century (Michael Fisher Webinars)
Virtual Summer Camp: The Newest Tools on the Web to Explore for Instruction (July 24, 2012)

Presented this past summer, scroll down to view the webinar archive, along with downloadable notes.

"Looking for new web tools to engage your students? Come to Virtual Summer Camp! In this webinar, Mike Fisher will explore some of the exciting web tools of the moment and explain how educators can use them for instruction. Fisher will discuss specific tasks and appropriate tool choices, as well as share helpful examples that have been implemented in real classrooms."

About the Presenter
Mike Fisher is a leader in education technologies, he has worked tirelessly for the advocacy of 21st century curriclum, and has presented on the topic at numerous conferences and institutes, including ASCD's annual conference in San Francisco and Summer Conference in Boston, as well at the National Curriculum Mapping Conference in New York in July 2011.