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Intimidation à l'école - book suggestions

I've had a request for some French language books that deal with bullying. While this issue is addressed in a number of English picture books, and is often woven into YA novels, it can be hard to find equivalents in French. Here are some book suggestions I've come across. (Disclosure: I haven't read any of these titles.)

Booklist (+ video booktalks) on the topic of bullying

Bibliographie thématique sur l'intimidation (PDF)

Children's book suggestions

"Tous compagnons, foi de dragon." de Jean E. Pendziwol
Illustrations de Martine Gourbault [Scholastic]

"Tyranono : une préhistoire d'intimidation" (par Gilles Chouinard | Rogé) [Editions de la Bagnole]

A series of readers from Scholastic on this theme.
La série: "Attention! Intimidation"