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NFB - Across Cultures - Multicultural Canada

Themes to explore in addressing Multiculturalism

The main goal of Across Cultures is to celebrate Canadian cultural diversity by highlighting the extraordinary contributions that different communities have made to Canada, as well as the many challenges they have had to face, while acknowledging the less praiseworthy moments in Canadian history regarding cultural diversity.

The site features 120 films from the NFB collection (60 in English; 60 in French in the French part). Of those, 48 (24 in English; 24 in French in the French part) include an audio description for the blind and visually impaired.

  • Canada: A welcoming land?
Explores the history of immigration to Canada and the policies that shaped the country.

  • How have we contributed to Canada?
Presents contributions by diverse cultural communities in the fields of politics, economic development, art, music, as well as in the struggle for workers' rights.

  • Who are we? What can we become?
Looks at ways of living out cultural distinctiveness in Canada.

  • Why did we come to Canada?
Shows people talking about their decisions to immigrate to Canada. Many state that political and economic pressures were compelling.

  • How do we reach out?
Concerns intercultural communication—conversations, public addresses, interaction on the street, music.

  • How does integration challenge us?
Explores some of the economic and social challenges faced by members of cultural communities in Canada.