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Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn: Google Preview

How to stay calm, cool, and in control of your classroom
(on order for DRC collection)

Today's teachers face more challenges than ever before in managing student behavior in the classroom. New teachers often find themselves underprepared for the realities of hard-to-engage students and increased class size. Rich Korb brings extensive teaching and administrative experience to his collection of strategies designed to keep you and your students focused on learning. This accessible, step-by-step guide for new and veteran teachers offers easy-to-implement methods that help you:

  • Motivate and engage students
  • Set up your classroom to prevent disruptive behavior
  • Stay calm in the face of adverse situations
  • Reduce the effect of misbehavior on other students' learning
  • Respond to inappropriate behavior effectively
  • Avoid burning out