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A Reflection on Weeding

"I Can't Believe You're Throwing Out Books! "

A great "take" on the importance of weeding. Read the whole article on the "Perfect Whole" blog by Julie Goldberg (Ed.M., MA, MLIS) - school librarian, former English teacher, and compulsive reader.

"[...] Every librarian has had frustrating phone calls from community members cleaning out their attics or basements and generously offering the library their mildewed, water-damaged, dusty or disintegrating books, often vast mass-market paperback collections from the 60s and 70s, long-forgotten titles printed on the cheapest kind of paper.  Or 85 years of National Geographic.  They want to know where to drop off books and magazines to donate them to the library.  Many are shocked and offended to learn that both public and school libraries generally do not accept donations of books that are more than two or three years old. [...]"