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Newspapers from around the world?

Bringing the World to your LIbrary

Looking to expose your students to cultures and languages from around the world?
Try browsing these two "newsy" sites for ideas and publications:

[Example: link to papers for Europe]
This site shows you the front pages of newspapers from North America and around the world. By clicking on an image, you can view the website of the newspaper you've chosen, complete with articles from the current day. The front page can be downloaded as a readable PDF, or printed. Consider printing a couple of front pages daily on 11x17 and using them in a display. Maybe students could build a "clippings" box or bulletin board on some world topic. (Print and cut out)

Internet Public Library
Another great selection, including magazines. Links take you directly to the websites of these publications. While most magazines require a subscription, some current content is usually accessible. Some resources will be available in "flippable" digital format. (Consider using an English translation bookmarklet to "read" foreign language papers.)