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25 Word Stories - a writing activity with a difference

So what's a 25 word story?
-- and more importantly, why would you want your kids to write them?

The site offers a handout that illustrates this strategy along with some examples. Students could tweet or text their finished products. The stories are also short enough to be added as a comment to a blog post "stem" (ie. "add your 25 word story below"). Blog posts could help separate stories by genre or topic. Students could also post stories to TodaysMeet (via cellphone) as away to share in class, or Edmodo (microblogging).

"A '25-word-story' is a writing style that I first discovered by following Kevin Hogdson -- a really remarkable sixth grade language arts teacher -- in Twitter.  Kevin was regularly writing these incredible stories contained in a single tweet that had a clear beginning, middle and ending.  They were emotional.  They were funny.  They were provocative and they were cool."