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"Exit slip" for library lab work

Accountable online research

Students doing research in computer lab settings may not use their time wisely, especially if they think that no-one is holding them accountable. Here are some ideas for an "exit slip". If students know they are responsible for providing this at the end of each session, they may be more productive.

An Exit Slip could include the following questions:
(Tech Tip: a Google form could also be set up with these questions. Students could "submit" an exit slip that the teacher could collate as part of the Work Habit.)

  • 1) Name or Initials
  • 2) What is your topic?
  • 3) What is your essential question(s)?
  • 4) Name one thing you discovered/learned today.
  • 5) What do you still not understand? What do you still need to find out? What do you want to know more about?
  • 6) What search engine(s) did you use today? Google, Bing, Yahoo?,,, etc.
  • 7) What websites and/or databases did you visit/use today? How did you assess the value of the web sites? RADCAB (PDF)