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Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank - Webinar

A Fresh Look at Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank
(Webinar presented by PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0)
Discussing the all-new adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank (CLIP) airing on Masterpiece and reviewing educator materials created for middle school and high school. These materials include a teacher's guide created in collaboration with the Holocaust education organization Facing History & Ourselves and special Resources for Youth, which offer concrete ways to take action against issues of intolerance as well as encourage self-expression through digital journaling options.

Individual sections of The Diary of Anne Frank Teacher's Guide:Introduction  pdfHistorical Context  pdfHandout: Key Dates  pdfUsing the Film  pdfHandout: Making History Personal  pdfRevised Passages  pdfHandout: revised Passages  pdfDiary Form  pdfFrancine Prose Interview  pdfResources  pdfCredits  pdf

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