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Take Your Students on a trip

"Reading Around the World"
TL Louise Colette has developed a great activity for her Grade 2s that could be adapted for use with almost any grade. Students have faux-passports and plane tickets, and board a make-believe plane complete with the "safety talk." On the way, they view an inflight movie (projected Youtube clip) and when they "land", read a story set in their destination country.

A followup activity could be to have students create a photo album of favourite sights (either digitally or by hand, with pictures or drawings), make and fill in post cards for relatives "back home" and possibly share "in flight" country-appropriate treats on the flight back.

Watch the clip: the kids are having fun! (leave a comment for her class if you like.)

Good afternoon!  My 2nd graders and I are reading around the world this
year.  Please check out my blog post on the subject, which is a movie we
made on our trip to China.  Comments are greatly appreciated!

Louise Colette Leonard, B.A., M.L.I.S.
Library Director
Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Here are some downloadables to use.

Large Files:
These PDFs are good print quality but take a little more time to download.Pretend Printable Passport - Canadian

Small Files: 
These PDFs will download more quickly. Pretend Printable Passport - Canadian

Here is a link to free printable country stickers. Purchase blank sticker pages at your business supplies store, print, and cut-out stickers.


Plane/Cabin sound effects

Create a pretend ticket