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Wikipedia books?

Use Wikipedia to create PDF or print books.
There is an interesting feature on Wikipedia that allows readers to create their own books from Wiki-content. With the book creator (within Wikipedia) you can create a publication containing wiki pages of your choice. You can export the book in different formats (for example PDF or ODF) or order a printed copy. PDFs can be shared, or loaded on eReaders such as the iPad or the Kobo, opening up the possibilities of custom texts for student use. Carefully selected articles might be assembled to supplement or replace traditional text material. This service has been available in other language versions of Wikipedia for some time.

Do you trust Wikipedia? Is it a reliable source?
It seems the consensus is that it can be a good starting point, but information needs to be cross-checked with another source for reliability. And while it is generally shunned for university research, it may have its place in helping students be critical consumers of information.
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