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Magazines for use in the ESL/ELL classroom

Many magazines available via our EBSCO subscription are good for the ESL/ELL classroom. (Search for individual titles in the EBSCO database) The ones listed below are all distributed in PDF full text (scanned from the magazine). Some are also in HTML full text which allows the reader to translate the article into multiple languages or have the text read out loud in English. (à la Steven Hawking).  School ID and password needed for home access: see your Teacher-Librarian for details.

Weekly Reader Magazine - via EBSCO
Weekly Reader is available for free online via EBSCO. Supplemental materials are available to classes that subscribe to the print version.
From Pre-K to Senior (Gr  5/6) and every grade in between.

"Weekly Reader" Magazines for Teens - via EBSCO
3 Magazines from "Weekly Reader" aimed at Middle and High School students. These are all viewable for free via EBSCO.

One Act Classroom plays - via EBSCO
"Plays - The Drama Magazine for Young People"
Drama & Theater Arts: One-act plays for lower, middle & upper grades. Seven to ten plays per issue.

Children's Magazines - via EBSCO (Click for link to individual full-text magazines)
  • Humpty Dumpty's Magazine (younger Elementary)
  • Jack & Jill Magazine (ages 8-10)
  • Highlights Magazine (to age 13)
  • Science World Magazine (by Scholastic)
  • Scope Magazine (by Scholastic) stories, resources
  • Scholastic News -- SN1 (by Scholastic) current events
  • (EBSCO has separate versions of SN for grades 1 through 6)
  • Scholastic News -- SN 5/6 (could be used in Junior High)
  • Ladybug Magazine (ages 2-6) Stories, activities
  • Turtle Magazine (ages 2-6) Stories, activities
  • Boys' Quest
  • Fun For Kidz
  • Hopscotch Magazine
  • "Creative Kids"
Articles, fiction, & activities for primary age children; games, art, stories, poetry, & opinions for kids by kids ages 8-14.
  • Spider Magazine
Teen & Mass Market Magazines - via EBSCO (Click for link to individual full-text magazines)
Scholastic Choices (Life Skills), Action Magazine (by Scholastic) Fiction, current interest,
American Fitness, Military History, Aviation History, Wild West Magazine, Sierra (Magazine of the Sierra Club), World War II Magazine, Consumer Reports, Popular Science, PC World, Computer Graphics World, Computerworld, Hockey News, BMX Plus, Dirt Bike, Dirt Sports, Dog World, Horse & Rider, Running & FitNews, Ski Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Cicada Magazine (Teen writers)