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"Embracing our humanity" multicultural resource

Promoting multiculturalism  - Embracing Our Humanity
Embracing Our Humanity, is an online blended curriculum aimed at promoting multiculturalism and eliminating racial discrimination. The project began last January with funding from Embrace BC through the BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services and the Government of Canada.  It was created by a Victoria-based team of TM NewMedia and International Education for Peace Institute (Canada).

This free educational resource, found at, includes an online version of the curriculum suitable for study individually or in a group and a printable version suitable for studying offline. There are also facilitator materials to assist individuals with planning and conducting a class or group session. These include an online facilitator guide with audio recordings of the authors describing the resources, along with a printable version of the facilitator guide. In addition, throughout the resource, reference is made to a Community of Practice, which is hosted on the web site as well. Everyone using the resource is inviting to share their experiences with the larger community.