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Pairing Fiction and Nonfiction

For the Love of Reading
NoveList's "SchoolKidLit" blog is encouraging TLs to matchup FIC and Nonfic. Extending reading from one to the other is a great way to broaden students' reading experience. Create your own "pairing poster" using Canva, Word or PPT.

"A big part of what we do as librarians is foster a love of reading. This means, in part, finding the right book for each individual reader. While we know that there are students who want to read nonfiction, all too often these students are pointed to fiction selections for classroom units. By aligning fiction and nonfiction reading choices, you can help students (and teachers) find books that meet subject  requirements and engage both fiction and nonfiction readers."

Also - in NoveList (EBSCO) try this search:
"NF Fiction-Nonfiction AND ND Picture Book Extenders"
for great read-alouds and classroom activities.