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Promote your library on Twitter

Tweet your displays and activities!

Do you want to tweet out your library happenings but feel you need some pointers? Try creating a PicCollage image first. You can use colours, overlay text and apply some cool effects and frames. The finished product can be saved to your camera roll and then uploaded as a single pic to tweet out to parents, colleagues and the world!

Here are a couple of videos (and a help page) to review the basics:

Video: PicCollage (How to create a collage)

Help Doc: Post Twitter pics on iPad

Video: How to use Twitter on the iPad (more general explanation of options of your options.)

Finally, here are some more ideas for tweets.

"Using Twitter right from your cell phone  [or iPad]  enables librarians to provide the entire school community with a window into their library. Tracy Karas a Librarian in New York City uses her phone to Tweet updates about new books that have come in, to celebrate student successes, to provide reminders about upcoming events and more."  [LINK]