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BC Books Online: Launching November 17th

An extensive online database of BC-published books
"For many years, the Association of Book Publishers of BC has been developing the concept for a comprehensive online database of BC-published books. With the input of library staff from across the province, we have developed a searchable, browsable database that showcases books in print from BC publishers in both print and ebook form. The website is now live and ready for use at ."
Some key information:
  • The database contains robust bibliographic data for approximately 8,500 books published by BC publishers
  • The database is searchable through both a basic and advanced search function
  • Browse titles by curated "BC Reading Lists", compiled by a BC librarian
"We plan to celebrate the creation of the website with a public announcement on November 17. We will also be finding helpful ways of parsing the database for librarians, including sending dedicated emails with title listings by special-interest category so that we can present groupings of books in manageable numbers to selections librarians."