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How to Transform Teaching with Tablets

Rebooting for Change

With more schools buying more iPad carts, Tom Daccord and Justin Reich offer important considerations regarding technology integration. The authors of this article give examples of powerful applications of tech, and challenge educators to develop shared learning visions for their students.

"Despite all the challenges, we think this is an exciting time. The widespread adoption of the iPad has great potential to reveal how technology can transform our schools. As we've written elsewhere (Daccord & Reich, 2014), "this is our chance for a reboot, a chance to put learning and vision at the heart of the adoption of a new technology." Tablet computers alone won't shift our thinking about teaching and learning, but technology adoptions can be powerful opportunities for school communities to engage in answering important questions. We're hopeful that educators will take advantage of this chance to reboot and use new technology adoptions, not as a chance to hand out devices, but as an opportunity to rethink the purposes of schooling in the 21st century."