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New Ways to Find "LibraryReads" in NoveList

The monthly top ten books that librarians love

These are primarily adult titles, but there is the occasional YA title. Good for your personal reading lists!
"[...] LibraryReads is a feature that highlights the "top ten books published this month that librarians across the country love". Back when LibraryReads first started, the NoveList team decided to make these monthly lists a priority, and provide read-alikes for every LibraryReads book suggested. [....]  It is now easier to find LibraryReads books in NoveList. Each book (going back to the first one in 2013) has been tagged as a "LibraryReads Favorite."

You'll find NoveList under the Visual Tab in your Destiny catalog.
Here is a link to all the 2015 Favourites so far: LINK