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40 Book Challenge

Kick off a year (or term) of reading

The 40 book challenge is based on Donalyn's core beliefs about reading:

  • Everybody reads here. Let's get started
  • Be a good all-around reader
  • There's the right book for you out there somewhere
  • What you read is YOUR choice
  • Your reading life matters.
 "If your school wants to boost reading, try Donalyn Miller's 40 book challenge approach. Easy to implement - in her book The Book Whisperer, she even includes all the handouts and documents that she uses. Her second book, Reading in the Wild, is also a great read. If you can, have your faculty read it this Spring, and implement the program in the Fall. It can easily be adapted across all grade levels."                                                        Elsa Ouvrard-Prettol