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WInter 2015 issue of School Libraries in Canada available

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  • Alphabet Soup - Derrick Grose
  • Fun ways to promote healthy eating - Health Canada
  • Seeing food as a whole - Wayne Roberts
  • Tom Jackson: Ballads Not Bullets - SLiC Media Focus
  • Real room for creativity in writing for children - Dustin Milligan
  • #slicfood4thought - SLiC's Twitter Feed
  • Kids are the best audience - Kevin Sylvester
  • Flip Your Library Orientation! - Anita Brooks Kirkland
  • Food - Where it comes from, how we nurture plants and animals, and what we eat to be healthy and strong - Elisa Amado
  • Year of the Learning Commons Proposal - Carol Koechlin
  • New jewels and neglected gems. Publishers highlight new works by Canadian authors and illustrators