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You Can’t Read Everything (But We Can Help You Keep Up)

Keeping Up... Genres -> You'll find relevant articles, lists and reading maps
NoveList offers a new service to keep up with new titles!

"We've all been there. I call it the 'genre in the headlights' feeling, when you get a question from a patron that for you, for whatever reason, is a stumper. [...] We all want to stay current with genre trends and core authors/titles/series in a given genre but what about helping patrons find books in genres we just don't read?  [...] We're launching content that (we hope) will help you feel better prepared, that we're calling Keeping Up.  [...] You'll find relevant articles, lists and reading maps for adults and teens and maybe even some inspiration.  We're beginning with four Genre pages (like, Keeping Up... Mystery). We've collected all four pages on one table of contents page, accessible via top menu bar in NoveList and NoveList Plus (look for the 'Genres' link)."

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