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A story in only Six Words

The six-word memoir project
"This teachers' guide was created to help educators integrate the six-word memoir project into their own classrooms. As you read through the guide, you will discover how to use Six Word Memoirs as a powerful educational tool to ignite creativity and critical thinking in your classroom, as well as give students a voice to tell their life stories."
(Note: the pdf makes reference to a workbook, which can be bought on the site. There is however enough direction in the PDF to allow teachers to try this project without the workbook.)

Some examples of school projects:

Use images:
Think about "Six Words for Images" as another way to tackle this. Find arresting images (ie Flickr) and get kids to create Six Word captions that sum up the feel, mood, action or setting....

Mixed media:
An alternate project is to superimpose the Six Word text on the image for a mixed media creation.