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Create a Reading culture in your school

Looking for ways to support a reading culture? Here are some ideas that have been tried at a school near you!

1. Create an intermediate book club and invited your staff to participate:
Buy brand new books for the kids to read (and return after to build library collection). Give copies of the book to staff as well that they can keep to build their class libraries. Don't forget to invite EAs and Admin assistants!  Books read: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Freak the Mighty and Because of Mr. Terupt.  Meet in the library regularly to discuss and share. (Enticements...Pizza lunch? Movie viewing?)

2. Support teacher professional reading:
The school provided an allowance of $30 per staff member to purchase a professional book to improve their practice.

3. Primary Readers' Choice Awards with our primary kids K - 4.  
Students read a total of 10 titles over 5 weeks, chosen from the library collection. They voted for their favourite and  the winner was announced at  Recognition Assembly. This generated a lot of excitement.