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8 Ways to Use Music in the Language Arts Classroom

Why Use Music in Class?
"Music can be used to help control a classroom environment or to support the content within that class. It can be used to signal different transitions within the class as well as to serve as a writing prompt itself. ... Music opens up neurons, opens doors in your brain that create a kind of loft space receptive to learning."

Here are eight ways to use music:
  • #1 Teach Academic Vocabulary
  • #2 Lyrics as Poetry
  • #3 Songs as Writing Prompts
  • #4 Music to Aid in Role-Playing
  • #5 Playlists to Teach Narrative
  • #6 Jingles to Teach Persuasive
  • #7 Reviews as Literary Analysis
  • #8 Music to take "Syn-naps"