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Gateway to the world

The difference a library can make

The documentary "Gateway to the World" is set in Namibia's capital city, Windhoek. The film follows two young people who work at the local library, which functions as a gateway to a better life. Trevelin, 20 years old, did not pass grade 10. Persuaded by a friend, he found his way to the nearby library, got interested in studying computers and now gives basic computer classes as a volunteer teacher in the library. Anna, 13 years old, is a schoolgirl at Olof Palme primary school. Every day after school she heads to the Greenwell library where she helps school kids with their homework and library customers with computers.

This library serves as an example library to the Libraries for Development project, which started in 2012. The good lessons learned will be extended both around Namibia (20 libraries) and to Tanzania (2 libraries in the initial phase).

Duration: 29 min