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Maple Syrup Fun for Core French

It is Maple Syrup time!
(Thanks Janet M. for the links)

As a way to support your FSL/Core French lessons, here are some links/resources you might like to share with your class.  (Songs, video clips, slideshows, lesson plans.) This is fun to do in connection with the "Festival du Bois" and other spring-type celebrations.

CBC archive -shows all of the steps from tapping the tree to making the syrup:
(Program: Klahanie   Broadcast Date: Dec. 13, 1978) starts with an ad.

Ma Cabane à sucre au Canada (clips from families at a sugar shack)

Sugar Time (song): a simple song, written and sung by William Weaver with a slideshow of the Weaver's Sugar Bush.

Le temps des sucres (histoire et chansons):

Reel du sirop d'érable (folk dance with music).

Biliothèque Franco-américaine: Lesson ideas with links/resources:

Lesson ideas: Cabane à Sucre Activities For Kids

Taffy/La Tire recipe (If you don't have access to real Maple Taffy)

Behind the scenes