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Trivia versus Power

Let's be clear on exactly how we are using technology in education

"What this means is that every request that a teacher makes of a student to use technology—in or out of class—should include, in addition to the content or curricular-related part, one or more of the following additional requirements as part of the assignment:

  • Determine the most powerful way(s) to use your device to do this.
  • Do the assignment using your device in a new (and powerful) way.
  • Invent a new, technology-based way to do this.
  • Include something technological you've never done before.
  • Use the device to connect in a new way to do the task better.
"It should include, as well, sharing the most interesting thing(s) you find with your teacher and your classmates. In short, every assignment using technology should involve using the technology to innovate.
Yes, every assignment.