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eBooks - Overdrive and in-browser reading

Overdrive Read: Platform agnostic and download free

If you are curious about new developments in eBook delivery, you'll want to see what Overdrive is working on. Overdrive is rolling out a new browser-based reading platform with no downloads required - similar to what Follett has done with FollettShelf.
(Just remember than none of these solutions is inexpensive!)

"Read eBooks instantly on almost any device - no apps, no software. Just you and your book with a single click.

Overdrive has also posted a handful of ebook previews (Book cover, Table of Contents and a chapter or so) on the open web. You can search their epub samples by using the "site:" command in Google.

For example, +young adult

This will bring up several Overdrive titles to preview in your browser window.

Samples like:
Genius Squad

Freddy and the French Fries

Teen Queens

All the Stars in the Sky