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Education Canada | Fall 2012 Volume 52 Issue 4 (CEA)

Canadian Education Association's "Education Canada" Magazine

Fall 2012- Volume 52  Issue 4
Table of Contents

  • Book Review:- The Kids Cannot Wait: Making High School Work
  • End Notes: Building Cool Things
  • Features: The International Quest for Educational Excellence: Understanding Canada's High Performance
  • If I Didn't Laugh I'd Cry: An Essay on Happiness, Productivity, and the Death of Humanities Education
  • Mixing It Up: Bringing Young People's Digital Creativity to Class
  • La formation des mentors : Un tournant dans l'évolution du programme de mentorat à la commission scolaire des patriotes
  • Are Two Minds Better than One? Creativity and Teacher Education
  • Young People's Confidence in School, Community, and the Future: Why It Matters and What We Can Do About It
  • Personalized Learning: Hiring Educators for the 21st Century
  • Web-Exclusive - Exposing Technomyths: Getting Technical about Technology and Teaching / A Solid Foundation of Success: Research Supports the Effectiveness of Interactive Whiteboards
  • Notre Monde Aujourd'hui: L'insertion des enseignants Débutants : Une expérience Chilienne
  • Promising Practices: Understanding the Heartbeat