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The Disaster Song Tradition of Atlantic Canada

300 Canadian disaster songs

Of interest to any classes looking at Canadian folksong tradition. Lyrics are included along with some historical context. In some cases, there are links to midi files, lead sheets and iTunes performances

"This website serves as a vehicle to present the Canadian disaster songs that three academics have collected and are currently studying. Our preliminary research revealed close to 300 Canadian disaster songs.  Performers range from the relatively unknown to famous contemporary artists such as 'Stompin' Tom Connors ("And the Bridge Came Tumblin' Down", a song about the collapse of Vancouver's Second Narrows Bridge in 1957) and Gordon Lightfoot's famous "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Incidents in songs range across time, from the pre-confederation era, such as the New Brunswick blaze of 1825 ("The Miramichi Fire," credited to John Jardine), to the 2009 Cougar helicopter crash off Newfoundland ("Fall into the Ocean," by Mark Frost)."