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Creating a reference set - virtually

Virtual Text Sets
How can we support teachers and students if we don't always have the print resources? Don't forget to explore the material we have in Worldbook, EBSCO and the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Links to the articles and books can be shared on a website or emailed to your teaching colleague. (No password needed for school access, ID and PW needed to view from home.)


Here are some examples for a unit:
Virtual Text Set -Socials Grade 7- Mesopotamia

WorldBook Encyclopedia
(different reading levels depending on which version you access.)

Middle School Entry for "Mesopotamia"

Other references in the Middle School version

Advanced Version references

Gale Virtual Reference Library:
Ancient Civilizations Encyclopedia (Images and text)
LINK here]
Global Issues in Context
World Religions Reference Library.
LINK here]
Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia (in EBSCO - text only)

Content from magazines in EBSCO

War in the First Cities - Scholastic Dig Magazine 

Built for a God - Scholastic Dig Magazine 

What the horses wore - Scholastic Dig Magazine

The Lion Bowl - Scholastic Dig Magazine 
The World in-between - Archeology Magazine
[LINK to article]