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ABCD-TF cards - Quick Feedback

Getting Quick Feedback "It's in the Cards"

If you want to do a quick check of how your students are doing, try using "ABCD-TF" cards. (Thanks Sara V)

Ask your students to make 6 cards, each with a big A, B, C, D, T (for True), F (for False) using menu cards.  When you need a quick sense of how kids are doing, you can ask a few multiple choice or true/false questions - students hold up their answer - you can see at a glance how they are all doing. (Makes for a good "exit" activity.)

You can also use playing cards for this. Have students bring the 1(ace), 2, 3, 4, and Joker from an old deck of cards. 1 through 4 are for multiple choice responses, the  Ace and Joker pair are for True/False.

Other card ideas?
You can also write student names on your own deck of cards and use them to randomize your order when calling on kids. [LINK]

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