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Tools for Learning - eBook update

Tools for Learning,  An Ebook Update - Internet@Schools; Sep/Oct2011
The Latest Sources, Resources, and Options by Victor Rivero (thanks Janet)
The author provides a list of the newest players in ebooks, etextbooks and other digital content for academic use.

"In 2010, Internet@Schools published a widely read article, "E Is for Explosion: E-Readers, Etext-books, Econtent, Elearning, E-Everything" which highlighted more than a dozen solution providers in the area of ebooks, etextbooks, and other digital content for academic use. I will revisit some of those in this article. I've also added to the list, but the bottom line is that this year, the explosion continues!"

[LINK to article] (school ID and password needed to access outside of school - check with your teacher-librarian)