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Food safety website

Food Safety Site

The Food Detectives Fight BAC!® game gives kids a fun way to learn about foodborne illness. (Visit the kid's site to play the game.) Watch music videos, solve cases.

Games include:

  • BacTV: 5 songs and videos help kids learn through song. Feel free to review the song lyrics.
  • The Case of the Kid Who Knew Enough: Youth are encouraged to make stickers or signs that share key reminders about food safety. They will need a printer. Most office supply sections of stores carry the label paper needed for making stickers.
  • The Case of the Filthy Fingers: By working through a timeline, kids learn when they should wash their hands, and when handwashing really isn't needed.
  • The Case of the Bacteria that Kept Growing: In this arcade-style game, kids kill bacteria with heat and soap.
  • The Case of Good Food Gone Bad: By safely handling food while making snacks and meals, kids can prevent foodborne illness. This class game of concentration offers hints and a few jokes as well.