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Barrie Bennet's graphic organizer book - study group notes

Building Brick by Brick - talking about Barrie Bennett
Nicole Painchaud has created a great blog (Building Brick by Brick) that she uses to extend the thinking done in her study group at Sullivan Secondary. Below, you'll find a link to her "Barrie Bennett" material, and some discussion and examples taken from the "Graphic Intelligence" book.

"This section of my web/blog is for discussion and examples of the works of Barrie Bennett from our Discussion Group at Sullivan Heights Secondary. The premise behind this group is that every two to three weeks we meet after all of use one of the techniques from the book "Graphic Intelligence - Playing with Possibilities."  At the start of the weeks we discuss which graphic organizer we will use in our classes.  We will include it in a lesson plan, and then come back together to discuss and show samples of the organizer completed.  The positive and negative aspect of the experience will be discussed with the group:  what went well, what did not, how things went, etc."