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Vote compass

Here's an interesting link.  Visitors are asked some questions then are shown which party has the views closest to those described. High school Socials teachers and students might find this very thought-provoking.

"Vote Compass is a free online application that provides users with a sense of how their opinions square with the platforms of the political parties running in the 2011 Canadian federal election.  

Based on their responses to a series of statements, Vote Compass calculates a user’s position in the political landscape and shows them the respective positions of the various parties running in the election.

Vote Compass does not provide voting advice.  It is not comprehensive in that it does not address every issue that is contested by the political parties.  Its purpose is to generate interest in the upcoming federal election and to provide information on party platforms.  Every eligible voter can decide for themselves which party they feel is most appropriate to represent them.

Vote Compass is an academic project developed by a team of Canadian political scientists, including an advisory panel comprised of the country’s most prominent scholars in the study of electoral politics.